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  • As founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network I advise divorcing parents to seek out family-focused professionals who care. I also urge parents to understand the divorce process, be prepared before making decisions and understand the importance of putting your child's well-being first every step of the way. That's why I am so impressed with Divorce Tool Box, founded by Audrey Silcox. It not only covers all the bases step-by-step for getting through a divorce, it is the best web-based video support series I've seen that focuses on the emotional and psychological impact throughout the process. I believe every divorce attorney, mediator, financial planner and therapist would benefit from offering this low-cost, high-impact video series program to every divorcing client -- with or without children. It will smooth and ease the client relationship while expediting a more satisfying and successful divorce.

    Rosalind Sedacca, CDC
    Founder, Child-Centered Divorce Network
  • As a Marriage and Family therapist, I always hope to keep couples together forever, but realistically this is not always the case. As a counselor I want the best for my clients, therefore, I use Divorce Tool Box as the resource to help guide my clients how to proceed through their divorce care. My clients are better able to deal with their emotional grief and make healthy decisions of what is best for their family.

    Aline Mays-Easley, M.A. ALMFT#52 
  • When I was going through my divorce I had no idea what to do until I heard about Divorce Tool Box. Divorce Tool Box helped me gain insight on how to deal with the court process, my attorney and have the assets that I needed to move forward with hope and stability. I highly recommend this program to help any person who is considering a divorce.

    Sharon N
  • “Divorce Tool Box is essential to have.”

    Joseph B
  • “When someone is going through a divorce, they’re basically on an emotional rollercoaster.  There’s lots of anger, depression and there can be shame or guilt.  It’s often the most stressful time of life.  It’s really hard to think rationally, clearly and make good sound decisions when you’re overwhelmed with all these emotions.  The solution is Divorce Tool Box because it helps you set aside those emotions for some period of time while you’re exploring what your options are.”

    Lawrence Katz, Ph.D. Psychologist
  • “It is very good information if someone is thinking about divorce.”

    Ellie S
  • “Utilize this awesome information before destroying a child’s life and God’s marriage.”

    Cecelia S
  • “Learned the real effects of what my children have experienced.”

    Stephanie N
  • “Good information to have before divorce.”

    Rosalind B

  • “There”s way more to divorce than meets the eye.  Too much to decide that affects the entire family.”

    Shalisha D
  • “Helped me think of things I never would have thought of.”

    Anne M
  • “What Audrey Silcox has developed is unique to me as a counselor and I see it as an exceptional tool.  She has seen what happens to families and couples without these tools to be able to make educated decisions for their lives..”

    Mary Earnest, Licensed Professional Counselor
  • “Your life is going to materially change following divorce.  Divorce Tool Box makes you ask yourself questions before sitting down and negotiating your divorce.  After completing the online sessions, you will have created an action plan unique to you that you can then use and to your divorce professional and say exactly what you want.”

    Leo Breckenridge, CEO/LGB Consulting Group and Retired CPA
  • “I have been associated with Audrey Silcox as a counselor, mediator and a divorced mom herself.  She brings a tremendous wealth of experience and you can really tell when you look at Divorce Tool Box this is someone who knew what they were really talking about, this is someone who has looked at divorce from many different angles.”

    Lawrence Katz
    Ph.D. Psychologist
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